How does cashback works at
1. Browse Products on
2. Buy Product from Retailer Website
3. Track Cashback/Rewards on

Step by Step Process

You can earn cashback or rewards from on top of best shopping offers. Here is the step by step guide on what you need to do.

i) Register/ Login to your

ii) Browse the product or click an ecommerce banner from our cashback section.

iii) Click on the ‘Grab Deal’ button or link

iv) Visit retailer website and Shop as you normally do

v) Your Cashback or Reward gets tracked in your Account, in case the cashback/reward doesn't show up in your dashboard even after 24 hours then you can raise a ticket for missing cashback.

Common FAQ's
  • expand_moreHow is Cashback Calculated?
    Cashback is calculated excluding GST, delivery and other administrative charges. Percentage of each program is mentioned before redirecting to the website. The rates might change in some cases that will be adjusted likewise.
  • expand_moreDoes cashback percentage different for different categories?
    Cashback percentage is different for different categories and cashback/rewards shall be calculated based on that.
  • expand_moreWhere do I get cashback & Rewards?
    Cashback and rewards will be reflected on your app/website dashboard.
  • expand_moreWhat is the time taken in the process?
    After any purchase from our app, it takes around 24 hours to update your dashboard with calculated cashback. You can withdraw your cashback after returing period of that item is over. Usually it is 4-6 weeks after transaction period for most ecommerces. We usually get payment after that.
  • expand_moreWhat if my cashback is not shown in App/Website?
    It is normal, you can simply raise a missing cashback ticket on our app/website or email us at
  • expand_moreWhere can I use that cashback? Cashback is real cashback it can be retrieved using paytm, G-Pay or any online mode. 1 Cashback point is equal to 1 rupee
  • expand_moreWhere can I use that Rewards?
    Rewards can be retrieved in the form of amazon, flipkart gift cards.
  • expand_moreWhat is Referral Earning? 5 Referral Reward Points is equivalent to 1 INR.
  • expand_moreWhere can I use Referral Earning?
    Referral Rewards can be retrieved after user has collected more than 100 referral Rewards.