About us

Who we are ?

  • Fashn.me is a platform which enables users to get desired products from across the marketplace leveraging Smart Search technologies and inference engine based out of community's knowledge graph.

  • What we do ?
    Fashn.me is a Community that connect users to Discover, Share and Inspire the Fashion Trends. In order to enrich the community Fashn.me provides a Smart Search engine which enables users to search products across multiple E-commerce Stores. fashn.me inspires the user’s Daily outfit using Artificial Intelligence considering Community suggestions, latest trends & various user’s aspects. Fashn.me provides platform where budding Artists, Brands, Reputed Designers & Fashionistas can share designs, seek reviews & opinions and promote trends.
    Fashn.me's Team is working constantly on product improvements and building a community around fashion lovers, trying to bring more and more features on our platform so that you can be more comfortable while discovering and sharing fashion trends amongst other fashionistas.

    How we do?

  • Better Navigation
  • We give users the ability to search across any E-commerce by enabling them to browse millions of products from thousands of brands and webstores. With more products and categories users can find the best priced and discounted product for them on our platform. Users can find the latest inspiring trendy clothes from celebrity present at different stores on our platform.
  • Visual Search
  • Spot, Snap and Purchase.You can reverse search an image by either uploading a picture. Or you can click a picture via mobile camera and upload from your device. All you need to do is upload a picture from your photo library or snap one and we'll do the rest. We'll help you find the product in the picture, or recommend something similar. To use image search click on the camera icon in the search bar - from there, you can take a photo or upload one from your photo library.

  • Cashback & Discount
  • Fashion Shopping has never been more delightful with sure cashbacks and rewards on each purchase via our platform(Website and App). We empower users to shop more and earn cashback upto Rs.10000/mo by visiting our app/website and shopping on their favorite stores.